Best Alternatives to MEmu for Windows

Gaming and emulators go hand to hand in today’s digital world. Players’ loves to play their mobile games on their PC and enjoy it so much. The best thing about these emulators is that they offer enhanced graphics for your mobile game.

There are many emulators available in the market and some of them are really best in terms of service and features. People love to play their games on PC because they have an advantage against mobile players.

There are many emulators like BlueStacks, Nox player, LD player, YouWave and many more. MEmu is one of the best emulators for gaming but there are some emulators that can be used as an alternative to this wonderful app.

Best Alternatives to MEmu for Windows

Here, the list of alternatives is given below.

LD player

If you are looking for a high-performance beast that is more than perfect for playing your mobile games on your Windows PC, then this is the best option for you. This emulator earnestly targets high-performance gamers and develops game-oriented features like multi-instance, keyboard control, script recorder, etc.


  • The best feature of this emulator is that it gets frequent updates supporting new versions of your android device.
  • It supports multi-instance that means you can even play many games from one account or you can even play one game with many accounts.
  • It also allows you to change your keyboard controls and set them according to your way and play the game better.
  • You can even record your best moments of the game by using an in-built recorder of this emulator.
  • Using your PC’s virtualization technology, this emulator enhances the graphics of your game and gives you the best experience.


If you want your Windows PC to buckle up with the best android experience, then you can download this emulator without any doubts. This emulator gives users plenty of resources to get satisfied in terms of games.


  • It is considered as the best emulator for Windows 8, 7, 8.1 to even Windows XP.
  • It also supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture on your PC.
  • It comes with the support for multiplayer games, which will definitely crave the hunger for all the gaming geeks.
  • It has a huge app store, from which you can download any game available on the internet.
  • This emulator lets you record your gameplay and stream online without any buffering or any other problem.


Get set into the motion with one of the best MEmu alternatives in your PC with this emulator. This user-friendly Android emulator provides Android developers an open chance to test their beta version without harming it virtually.

alternatives of memu


  • It supports Android 2.3 to 8; that is why it has become one of the best emulator apps available on the internet.
  • It is powered by OpenGL 2.0 technology which lets it runs smoothly and without any buffering issue.
  • It offers you to set your RAM and internal storage option, hence you can play at your pace and as you wish.
  • This is the best emulator for the developers without any doubt and developers prefer this app.

Andy Emulator

Fed up with limited screen size? Or the limited storage always annoys you? Then this app is only made for you. The name and application both are fun. It has a very easy setup and Android experience you always crave for.


  • With the provision of easy UI, this app offers you lots of features in addition.
  • With the support of developers in this app, you can even use Whatsapp and Viber while playing the game.
  • You can even use your mobile as a controller while playing the game on your computer, that’s really great, right?
  • It fills the gap between your mobile and PC and connects them as one device to give you the best experience while using both at the same time.
  • The ease of using this app and the user-friendly UI makes this app an alternative for MEmu.

Nox Player

Specifically designed for gamers, this app passes all the gaming tests with flying colors. Gamers prefer NOX App Player app against any other emulator app and support it fully. It has some of the features for hardcore gamers.


  • Google play store is installed in it already, so you don’t need to worry about apps and have a file explorer in it if you want to install an APK file.
  • This emulator also supports simulator touch or gestures and also has an option to record your screen to play it later or to share it with someone.
  • You can configure the amount of FPS and RAM options to experience the best gaming experience.
  • It also supports the multi-instance option, so you can play multiple games at the same time with one account.


One of the best and preferred by the gamers and users, it has become the darling of the critics also. The most used emulator is, without a doubt, offers many features that the users and players love.

alternatives of memu


  • It supports screen recording, which means you can record your best gaming moments and show off your gaming skills to your friends.
  • Multi-instance makes this app must to download as it gives you an option to play multiple games with one account on one screen.
  • It is a great multi-tasker, so without any hindrance, you can use multiple apps at the same time.
  • You can change controls of your keyboard as per your convenience, so you can enjoy your gaming fully.

To Conclude

It is recommended to download the free version of these apps and test them before going for their prime versions. It is so because it will let you know whether your PC supports these emulators without any problems.