How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC using MEmu

Amidst all the dozens of Android Emulators on the market, there are some that are well capable of a great many things than their competitors. The primary purpose of these emulators is to simulate an Android Environment on your Windows desktop or your Mac OS devices so that you can run android apps on your PC. Besides fulfilling the primary needs, the emulator also enables a person to get some enhancements on the basis of extra customizations built right within the system.

Severable noteworthy emulators in the market are The Nox App Player, BlueStacks, and the MEmu Android Emulator. Although it is relatively newer than the rest, the MEmu Android Emulator still packs plenty of features that will combinedly cater to all your needs.

Some Salient Features of the MEmu Android Emulator:

  • Adjust your gaming experience and performance by customizing CPU Cores, Memory Size, Display Resolution, GPU Optimization, etc.
  • Change the control settings of your Keyboard and Joystick using key-mapping.
  • Simulate a GPS location anywhere on the planet.
  • Share files between the Windows and the Android Emulator seamlessly.
  • Watch TV channels, Sitcoms, TV Series, Movies, or read books anytime you want.
  • Open multiple instances of the Emulator for multitasking conveniently and with ease.

To incorporate all these features on your PC, you’ll foremost have to install it on your system.

Install MEmu on PC

Downloading and installing MEmu on PC is simple and easy. So, if you are worried about using a long installation process, keep this worry aside and use these easy to follow steps.

  • Firstly, download MEmu on your PC using the download link given below.

memu download

  • Once it is downloaded, head to the location where its executable file is saved.
  • Double-click on this file to begin installing the MEmu Android Emulator.
  • It might take a few seconds or even a few minutes depending on your system to complete the installation process.
  • After the installation is done, you should be able to spot the MEmu icon that will be saved on the desktop.
  • Run the desktop icon by double-clicking it and you’ll be greeted with the home screen of the MEmu Android Emulator.

Now that we have installed the MEmu Android Emulator on PC, it’s time we set up our system to play the popular FPS game called PUBG Mobile.

PUBG has taken the gaming world by a storm ever since it became a hit in 2017 by garnering more than hundreds of millions in annual revenue. It’s remained to be a favorite among many professional gamers and streamers for simple reasons. It offers you an open-world simulation built in Unreal Engine where you must participate in a Battle Royale challenge. It is basically 100 players on a map fighting for their survival until the last man standing wins or gets the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

The mobile instance of this game, too, namely ‘PUBG Mobile’ has become a favorite FPS game among the youth of Asia and other continents.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC using MEmu

Without further ado, let’s get you familiar with the steps it’ll require to Play PUBG Mobile on PC using MEmu.

  • Run the MEmu Emulator by launching it from the desktop and open the Play Store.
  • You might need to provide your credentials first to access the Play Store if you haven’t already. Finish that process.
  • In the search bar of the Play Store, type ‘PUBG Mobile’ and hit enter to begin the search.
  • You should get a list of apps among which there will be one named PUBG Mobile, click on it.

Note: Be cautious and do not install any other app with a similar name because there are plenty of fake apps and game tools by the same name in the Play Store.

  • Upon the application page of the PUBG Mobile, press install to begin downloading the game.

Note: The game is quite big in file size so you’ll need to have either an unlimited data plan or at least 4 GB of data to once download the game and then it’s resources.

  • Check that the download is properly completed without errors. When it’s done, open the app using its app icon at the home screen of the MEmu Android Emulator.
  • You’ll be asked to log-in to the game using either your Facebook profile, Google Play Games Account or Guest Account. Pick your preferred choice and proceed to play the game.

games on memu

Note: To download the additional Resource packages, navigate to the settings tab which is located to the bottom right of your screen and denoted with a ‘Gear’ symbol. Now, to your screen’s right-hand-side should be a tab named ‘Resources’. Click on it and then download all the package files including extra Maps and enjoy the game!


By following the guide provided above, it’s pretty easy to download and Play PUBG Mobile on your PC using MEmu Android Emulator. You can further tweak some graphics settings on your MEmu Emulator to have the best experience while playing this fantastic game.