MEmu and Nox App Player – Which one is the best for you?

The Android Emulators have made it really easy for most people to access Android Apps on PC. Even older hardware devices too can run most of the Android Emulators with ease and without issues. With plenty of such emulators providing all the basic features, there does exist a need to do more. For the same reason, we’ll be looking at the top two emulators in the market.

Between the MEmu and Nox App Player, we’ll determine which one is the best for you.


MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu is an Android Emulator made to run like a steed and it is exclusively made for all Windows systems. By default, you’ll get the Android 4.2 Lollipop which can be upgraded to Android 5.0 Nougat only if you download additional package files. With a pre-installed Google Play Store, you have the liberty to seek, browse and download several apps and other useful things like books, songs, etc right after you Sign-in with your login credentials after the initial boot of MEmu.

This emulator has proven to provide good compatibility on both Intel and AMD chipsets. The system also supports Nvidia drivers which can come handy while running graphics-intensive games and creative applications.

There are several tools such as the screen-shot, kill process manager, screen recorder, a full-screen mode which collectively make this emulator a hit. The additional availability of sideloading apps to phone, key mapping, operation record tool (automate touch screen actions), default association and so much more does more than convince us to already get this emulator.

Nox App Player

The Nox App Player needs no introduction yet it’s remarkable how it’s remained to be one of the top android emulators in the present market. Built on the Android 4.4 KitKat system with a custom UI, you’re provided multiple special features to enjoy this app. The inbuilt Google Play Store is a boon for getting all the apps, movies and everything else in the market that you can incorporate or enjoy in your leisure time.

Since it’s possible to run multiple instances of the system within the emulator, the multitaskers would love this emulator more, when they learn that it also works smoothly while using cloud-based services. Gamers can find delight in brilliant customizations that are inclusive of managing total cores for utilization, Allocating RAM size, key mapping. These will surely play a vital role in your overall gaming performance if you even happen to change the graphics rendering method between the OpenGL and DirectX. If you’re into automating actions then the script record function would absolutely captivate you and knowing the inbuilt root function only speaks more for the case of this fantastic emulator.

Final Words

Both the Android Emulators are simply incredible with all the features they provide. Both of these emulators can suit any user who demands and expects a good performance along with multi-purpose usage. However, to absolutely pick one and make the hard choice will go to the MEmu Emulator because it provides nearly all the features the same as the Nox App Player and then some more.